This manufacturing plant in the Greater Toronto Area was one of the bigger projects in our portfolio. It took the team weeks to finish and required a lot of patience and diligence. The end result was a variety of different systems that work together to provide the owner with security, surveillance over employees, and increased productivity from staff.

Below are a few pictures demonstrating the project, while under them is a partial list of what we were able to provide this particular customer with.

Cyclone Manufacturing FacilityCyclone Manufacturing Exterior CamerasCyclone Manufacturing Interior

  1. Safety in the building was dramatically improved by activating 24/7 Monitoring of the existing sprinkler system
  2. Installation of a new alarm system with so called “Partitions” giving the owner the ability to rent out part of the unit and essentially “split” the alarm system in two
  3. Fire alarm pull stations with horns and strobes throughout the building
  4. Complete telephone and network cabling and rack termination
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