This is another example of a commercial project that we worked on. The building consists of a front office section in addition to a large manufacturing plant in the rear. The supervisors were looking for two main things: A way to secure the facility to prevent theft, and a way to control who enters the building during business hours. We were able to find a solution that specifically met their needs and continues to do so on a daily basis.

Below are a few photos of the building and below the photos you will find a brief description of what we were able to do for this particular customer.

Executive Woodwork FacilityCard Access SystemExecutive Woodwork

Securing the building was done using an alarm system including monitoring of the building sprinkler system. Each employee was assigned their own code for easy tracking of who opened / closed the building and at what times. An access system was also installed on the office portion and each office employee was given key-tags for access to the building. An intercom system with camera and door release was also installed, allowing guests and deliverymen access during business hours.

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