This was one of the first retail stores that we had the opportunity to take on as a project. It is unique because it allows us to showcase what we can do for restaurant owners to help keep track of their staff and prevent loss. If you own a restaurant, you know that as soon as you step out the door performance is likely to go down. This makes restaurant management difficult, the owners or managerial staff are almost always present during business hours. At FSS we have to ability to simplify your life and give you the opportunity to take a break. We offer a variety of services that can help you keep tabs on what is going on when you are not there.

Below are a few photos of the restaurant and below the photos is a brief description of the products used on this project.

Restaurant Interior Restaurant Interior Exterior of Restaurant

To keep track of openings and closing, each employee was assigned their own unique alarm code. At the end of each month or upon request we supply the owner with a list of openings and closings, showing exactly who was the first one to arrive and who was the last one to leave the store every day. There is also a video surveillance system used to prevent theft and promote safety.

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