This specific project consists of three parts: a deli store at the front of the building, a manufacturing plant in the rear where the majority of the products for sale are made, and an office section on the second floor. The owners contacted us and explained what he would like to have done. It took our team about a month to complete due to the amount of work required but in the end everyone was happy and we exceeded the expectations of the staff.

Below are a few pictures of the building and below that is a brief list of products and services used on this project.

UniqpolUniqpol Exterior CameraUniqpol Facility

In this project we used a key-tag access system at each employee entrance, each with an intercom system tied into the 12 extension phone system which we also installed allowing paging in between offices, the store, and the manufacturing area. An alarm system and video surveillance system provides peace of mind when nobody is around, network cabling was also installed throughout the office and store portions.

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