This is an example of a community building that we worked on in the East end of the city. This private school was built in early 2004. We had the opportunity to arrive during construction and make sure all the necessary wiring was done exactly as specified by the architects and the school principal. The main idea behind this project was to provide surveillance of the property while controlling who enters and leaves the building. Fire and burglary monitoring with various back-up systems was also implemented as it is a public building and is required by the city and insurance companies.

Below are a few photos showcasing this job. Feel free to scroll down even lower to see a brief list of what we did here!

AIPhone Intercom School InteriorDoor Phone

As mentioned above, the building is completely monitored for burglary and fire. Multiple back-up monitoring devices provide service in the event that there is trouble with the phone line, or if someone were to cut it. Multiple door access system controls who has access to which part of the building based on the card they are assigned by the principal. The entire property is under 24 hour video surveillance, a very useful thing as there are many young children playing outside on a daily basis.

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